Thursday, July 7, 2011

Make a Statement, Pay Down Debt (July 2011 Update)

If every person in the United States donated $3.21 we could pay off one billion in national debt. Show the government we are serious about lowering our debt instead of raising it. Let's raise a billion dollars and make some noise!

As of 8:15 AM CDT on July 7th, 2011, the US Population Clock shows 311,711,450 people in the US. If every person in the US donated $3.21, we could pay off more than one billion dollars of the US debt. The government now allows online donations for the purpose of paying off national debt.

The national debt currently sits at over 14 trillion dollars. When you compare one billion dollars to trillions of dollars, it doesn't seem like much.  The mission here is to make a statement. We need to show the US Government that people really are serious about paying down this debt. The government has been accepting donations towards public debt since 1988, but never has more than a few million dollars been raised in a single year.  If the people of the United States raise a billion dollars towards repaying the national debt, the message should get across.  The message that, as a country, we need to reduce our debt.  We are in crisis, prime for a complete financial meltdown.  I can't go balance the government budget personally, but I can make this page to try and make a difference.  I can donate a few dollars, and hope that others are willing to join in and part with a few of their dollars as well.

Make a donation, then tell your friends. So far this fiscal year $1,780,994.96 has been raised. Let's see how high we can raise that number for 2011.  This number was $503,856.55 on March 11th 2011, and $107,225.03 on January 20th, 2011.  Since this cause started on January 20th of 2011, over $1.6 million dollars have been donated by individuals towards the lowering of the national debt. 

One final note: Please do NOT go into personal debt (even by a few dollars) to pay the national debt.  If all your credit cards carry balances then use your debit card or write a check.

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